Latest 4Inkjets Coupon Code

Here are some promotion deals of the company. You can avail these special deals with 4inkjets coupon code. Every code is specific for one deal therefore you must have a right coupon code of 4inkjets to get a discount on your desired products. All 4inkjets coupon codes are special therefore each one of them holds good value. You can get most of these coupon codes through simple internet search but to get codes for exclusive deals you will have to search smartly.

15% + Free Shipment

There are two attractions in this deal but it is for existing customers. If you have ordered a printer, ink or toner and you want some additional toner or ink then you will get 15% discount on your second order. The company will ship your products to your doorstep but you have to place an order of more than $50 to avail free delivery service. The deal of free delivery is for all new and existing customers and you don’t need any 4inkjets coupon code to get free delivery but to get addition 15 percent discount you must have the coupon code.


Free Blender Deal

This is a unique and exciting deal, especially for domestic customers. If you buy any product through the company on more than 80 bucks then you will get a free blender. It is necessary that you buy one product of worth 80 dollars. You can buy multiple products but your order must exceed 80 dollars. So, get ready to have a free blender. You can get your friends printer supplies through your account to get this deal. The coupon code of this deal is available on various websites. you can also contact the company to get the information about the codes for its coupons.

70% Discount on Toner and Ink

This is some special deal for all business and domestic customers of the company. It is a limited time offer but it is applicable for inks and toners of all companies. You can get this offer even if you purchase supplies of only 50 bucks. Big companies will be every exciting to this offer and the competition to get this coupon code for this deal is very high therefore only a limited codes are remaining for this deal.


Save 6 Bucks on Refill Kit

This is a small but very popular deal because you can avail it multiple times. This deal is valid for all refill kits. It means if you place an order of 100 refill kits then you will get the discount of 600 dollars. This discount is only for the HP61/61XL printer refill kit.  The code for this discount offer is also easily available. It is recommended to subscribe the newsletter of the company or bookmark the website to know the latest happenings in the company. In this way you will be able to get coupon codes of exclusive offers easily.

$27 Discount on Toner Cartridge

If you have Dell’s printer and you want laser toner then this is golden opportunity for you because now 4inkjets is offering the discount of 27 dollars on laser cyan toner cartridge. This toner cartridge can help in the printing of as much as 1,400 pages. This toner works on three models of Dell’s printer including 1355cnw, 1250c and 1350cnw. With one coupon code you will get the discount for one time. If you want to get two toner cartridges then you will have to acquire two different coupon codes for this deal.

$67 Off on Photoconductor Kit

Professionals know how a laser photoconductor kit can make the difference in the printing quality of books and magazines. These kits are expensive and rare but 4inkjets is making it possible for even domestic users to get their personal photoconductor kits. You will get the discount of $67 but this deal is only for the kit of Lexmark.


Why choose and use 4inkjets coupons

Every business from a small firm to big corporation needs printers, toner, refill kits, ink cartridges, and other printer accessories. These products play a vital role in fulfilling every day’s task in office and they may cost too much. It is very important to have the best printing solution in terms of quality and price to keep running expenses at the minimum.  Only a reputed supplier with a wide range of printer supplies brand and families can solve this issue and 4inkjets is that supplier. 4inkjets has printer accessories of premium brands including HP, Brother, Epson, Samsung, Canon, Lexmark, Dell, and Xerox. You can get any kind of printer supply of these companies in any art of United States without any delivery fee. This company is serious about its business therefore it offers unique discount and promotion deals to all kinds of customers.